FAQ & Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent your RV spaces to non-residents?
No we do not rent our RV spaces to non-residents. RV storage is available for our residents only.

Is it an All Age or Senior community?
Sierra Lakes is a community for all ages. We encourage you to come through at various times of the day to experience first hand the wonderful sense of community that prevails.

How big is the community?
There are 228 sites on ~38 acres, with wide streets and expansive greenbelts, including a year-round creek and lake, along with a nearly 7000’ clubhouse loaded with amenities.

If I buy a mobile home there, will I own the land?
The lots for the homes are leased.

How much is the monthly rent or lease fee?
The space rent varies throughout the Park, developed initially based on proximity to the various amenities.

Are utilities included in rent?
Utilities are sub metered at your site, so you would pay gas, electric and water in accordance with your usage and agency charges. Trash and Sewer are flat rates per month.

Are there Association Fees?
The Homeowners Association is a voluntary social organization, which is optional to join, but offers discounts to Association sponsored events.

Are there pet restrictions?
Our pet policy is one of the best around, accommodating 2 domestic pets with no size restrictions! Some of the guidelines include current registration and vaccination records, restrictions on aggressive breeds, no pets kept outside unaccompanied or tethered, thereby no fencing is permitted, which affords a peaceful neighborhood environment for all residents!

What kind of other rules are there?
We do have other basic rules to follow, which not only helps to maintain the property value for all residents, but also affords peace and quiet enjoyment for you and your family. A full list of park rules and regulations are available with your application for residency.

How much are the rent increases at Sierra Lakes Mobilehome Park?
You should prepare for annual cost of living increases, the terms of which will be in accordance with your rental agreement.

Are there restrictions of who you will rent to?
Each applicant must pass a credit and background check, and have sufficient long-term sustainable and verifiable income. The process of applying for residency starts with a meeting with Management and a $40 application fee per household. All Park documents are provided for your review at that time.

Can I rent out my mobilehome once I own it?
In order to maintain the quality of community our residents enjoy, subleasing is not permissible. Long-term guests may reside with you so long as they are qualified through the guest registration process.


People always give a funny look when I say I live in a mobile home community. They ask “why would you live in a mobilehome park?” I reply back surprised ” Why wouldn’t you want to live in one?.” I love that this place is close to the schools, shopping, and parks. My child loves going on nature walks and visiting the staff or going to the clubhouse events such as the pancake breakfast, Halloween party, Easter party, etc. The cost of the rent, my mortgage, and utilities is still way cheaper than an apartment that’s the same size as my home. I get to park next to my door in my own carport. I never have to bang on a wall because a neighbor is being too loud. I can paint, remodel and decorate my house unlike an apartment. When I want to have a party or a big event I just reserve the clubhouse and hold it there.

– Crystal

I recently purchased my first home in Sierra Lakes this past April, and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I have been helping with park events such as the Haunted House/Halloween party for the past 3 years due to my sister and friends also live in the community. By seeing how much management cares about the park and its members really helped my decision in purchasing a house. I have two small children and we walk the park each night enjoying the ducks, geese, and rabbits that live throughout the park and along the creek and small lake that run through the park. The club house is huge and overlooks a beautiful quarry lake, in fact we held my sons baby shower in the club house 7 years ago. No one can please everyone! Sure the park has rules just like most communities and they give you a copy of the rules prior to you purchasing a home to ensure you want to live here. Do I agree with all of the rules, no, but who does? Sierra Lakes is my home.

– Shane

Charlie and I enjoyed every minute of living in the Sierra Lakes Mobilehome Community. I have lived in many mobilehome parks, and none compare to Sierra Lakes. When we first moved in, we didn’t understand why we had to keep up with all the rules; Let me tell you – that is why the park is so beautiful! The Sierra Lakes Mobilehome Community was, and is, a great place to live. Thanks so very much to all of the Sierra Lakes Management staff and workers, who make the Park what it is today. You will all be missed very much, and if ever we choose to move back to California, Sierra Lakes will be the first place we will think to return to.

– Ruth Ann Grider and Charlie Ross

I recently visited my friend in Washington State. She lives in a mobilehome community. Same rules, regulations, etc. However, they are randomly enforced. I was shocked at the activities allowed! So, this is a Thank You! Your hard work (sometimes annoying), I now have such greater respect and gratitude for! I was so happy to turn into our lovely park and have a totally new love for it. So thank you for all you each do to keep this community pretty and a place of pride for us to come home to!

– Susi

My family joins me in expressing sincere appreciation for giving park residents the memorial grove. We are most happy to place a Ginko tree in the memory of Dale. The timing could not be better Memorial Day and also Dale passed on June 15th 2002. I take nothing for granted. I’ve watched the landscaping improvements and always feel spirits lifted. As I tell family and friends, why would I want to live anywhere else??

– June

3-1/2 years ago, my husband and I needed to move from our Senior Park to a family Park, when we took in our two grand-children. We were fortunate to have found Sierra Lakes. It has been a great place to raise a family. The community has been a great support for us all. Rocklin Elementary is close and is the best school I have ever had a child in. I have heard the Middle School and High School are equally as good. To top it off, we are about one mile to Sierra College. Any child living here has a wonderful opportunity for a great education. At different times throughout the year, there are family functions. They also let residents use the community center for private functions; family reunions, birthday parties, memorial services, anniversary parties and even weddings. Our grandson enjoys going fishing at the creek and the lake. There are many geese, ducks, white egrets and rabbits around as well. In the spring, you will see their babies!

A Great Place To Come Home To!